Posted by: stephlwilson | March 5, 2011

Photoshop text

I have been creating my own text to use for examples of what the piece could look like if I included text. Here I have used ink to create the handwritten style. I have taken them into photoshop to remove the background layer, this was a very fiddly process to do and very time consuming. I have done this to create my own font to use in the piece rather than using something someone else has created, it will make the piece more personal to me.

Now I have taken the text into After Effects with the footage. I have tried to make it so the text looks quite natural within the footage.

Here is the video. Have to say I have had a pain of a time motion tracking it, and it has hardly any motion in it! Think I might leave the text out and just have an actor reading the poem. Don’t want to waste my time of something that will just have the video look naff.

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