Posted by: stephlwilson | October 1, 2010

Bournemouth Air Show

The last event for me over the summer with Fonix. Was disappointing that the weather ruined the main days of the Air show, typically the best day was Thursday when not many people were at the event. The low cloud meant the planes couldn’t fly which left the Air Show TV having to provide entertainment on the screens, couldn’t just leave them blank as companies had payed for their adverts to be shown. My role was not on camera this time, which I didn’t mind because of the rain! Instead I was in charge of caption line underneath any of the people that were interviewed at the event. Was simply done in Power Point which was handy, with my role for long parts of the day I wouldn’t have much to do, very suddenly a new person was going to be interviewed to fill a gap and I quickly had to get there name and the correct spelling of it. This was fairly easy till you cant understand a persons accent! As my role meant I was sitting directly next to the director I got to see how important it is for them to be on their toes, he had to keep thinking of footage to fill the gaps, make sure it hadn’t been shown recently and there weren’t too many advert breaks as people would just get bored of this, they have come to see some planes.

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