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FDA Digital Media Production


Future Cinema Unit

The aim of this project was to create a new cinema experience. My initial idea for the project was to immerse the viewer in the surroundings. I wanted the surroundings to be something very normal, the tube was a very practical location. Then the idea was to have the characters in their day to day travelling while the viewer was able to listen in to their thoughts, which can be a very personal experience. In the end this was not created, a much more visual experience than immersion. However I think this was due to not correctly organising the time we had on the project, there was far too much time spent on the planning of how the project would look instead of just filming the actors that we needed in the piece. This is definitely a good experience to learn from, too much planning can still result in a project that does not reach its full potential. If I was to do this unit again I would have started work much sooner, I don’t think anything was gained from the amount of time planning.  However I feel that the initial idea is something to further work on in the future to create the outcome that I originally wanted this could possibly lead on to a project for the third year of the course where I would be able to work on just my ideas for the piece, another challenge of working in a team when each of us have different views on the final outcome of the piece.

Performance Video Unit

For this unit we were to create a live performance piece that would only be possible once, if done again it would have a different outcome. I really liked the idea of the performance side to the piece, making you want to make a piece that people would want and enjoy watching.  This did add the extra pressure of making sure the unit was finished for the time of the performance.

During the project there were many changes to the initial idea, mainly from problems of software that we tried and tested. At first we were focusing on doing a shadow puppet show, however we became too involved in creating a story for this instead of thinking of how the performance would work. Again with this project I think we did not come up with the idea quick enough and then the ever changing of ideas slowed us down with just creating something we could perform. This is definitely something to learn from especially for the professional project working with a client. I think that if we had a confirmed venue for the event we would have been able to plan a design for setting up the equipment, how it would be able to react to the audience members walking past.

I think that the idea has the potential to be more, a possibility of continuing and developing the project into the third year. I really enjoyed working with the combination of art and video reacting to the viewer’s movements and their reactions to the blob creatures I created. This unit was a great chance to experiment with the different technologies that are available to us, has defiantly broadened my ideas for the third year project.

New Perspective Unit

For the New Perspective unit I focused my essay on the effects American has on the British film industry. I decided on this topic because it was a main topic during my film studies course at college, which first got me interested in the history of the film industry.

I found this as a very useful unit, as it had been a while since writing a formal essay was great to know what will be expected next year for the dissertation and I know that the summer holiday is the time to spend on the plan for the dissertation so that there is still plenty of time to complete a piece of writing that I am happy with.

Career plan & CV

I plan to continue my studies to the third year to have a completed BA degree as I think this will open more opportunities for me.

During the summer I plan to gain as much work experience as possible. The West Sussex County Council runs internships across the county with local design and multimedia companies. I looked at the website over the first year summer break, the only problem was that they run at the start of May, obviously I would still be studying for my second year so this was not an option. However this is something to look into for after my completion of the third year, this will be a great starting point into the industry. What I plan to do over the summer is get work experience with the companies running these graduate internships as just valuable experience to help me gain a clear idea of my career path.

I have gone back over my current CV and updated it from the CV writing lessons we had. Previously I think the CV had information in it that was not really relevant anymore, for example listing all my GCSE grades, as this is fairly old information now. This I have shorted this section to leave more room for appropriate information about me. From previous interviews that I have done for my part time jobs I know that I am not confident enough, the nerves get the better of me. This is something to work on for future interviews

Professional Project Unit

Currently I am working on two projects for this unit. My main project is working with the Fda Fashion Students creating an exhibition show casing their years work at the end of year fashion show. I worked on the fashion year the previous year as part of my work experience which has been a create help during this project.

This has included working to a deadline with a real event happening from the work going in so the result needs to look professional and something I am proud of. I do enjoy the aspect of working with a client; it ensures you keep to the deadlines made as you want to show the progression of the work and catch any changes or new aspects that need to be added. For this project I have developed my organisation of time, ensuring there are weekly or as often as possible meetings with the students. Currently we are doing lots of filming of interviews and live photo shoots, good time keeping is essential for this so that shoots do not over run or equipment is not collected on time. Also this is a chance to practise on my camera skills, which I enjoy very much. Furthermore with the exhibition it is a chance to create designs for an entire space, which is a very new experience and challenge for me. With this exhibition it is the chance to experiment with Modul8, which again is a new experience for me. Also with the exhibition there will be the days spent before the live show on the setting up, I hope from what I have learnt from doing multi-camera shows will be a great help to the pressure if anything happens to go wrong. Another aspect that the students want is for us to produce a short film to introduce the second year’s collections. This is planned to be shot in the o2 bar area with professional models being hired for the film. This will need to be clearly planned as we will be at a location with limited time and as we want it to be shot in a one take style. Again something that needs to be carefully planned as to not waste time with the models and extras we will be using. We also want to look professional at the shoot so for something to go wrong would not look very amateur of us.

The second side project that I am working with is the Peel Production team, helping shoot multi camera events and music videos. For the music video I took on the role of Production Manager, a great way to practice the skills needed to organise a music video shoot. A programme that I used for the first time as part of this unit is Celtx, which is a very useful tool with the pre-production side to a shoot which I am very interested in. Also with the live events working under pressure if anything goes, the challenge of solving the problem. Furthermore this unit was another chance to practise my camera skills, especially for the band State of Undress. This shoot was a challenge because of the terrible weather conditions, the rain stopped us from putting track down to give us a variety of shots. However we worked around the problems that faced us and stayed professional.

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