Posted by: stephlwilson | April 27, 2011

Final Piece

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 27, 2011

Another draft edit

Here is an edit that is very close to what I want for the final edit. I have uploaded to show the development of the piece. I watched it again without any distractions and have made a list of improvements that need to be made. Many of the changes are to do with the length of some of the clips, some of them are too long so shall sort this out. Also mainly changes to the colour correction and where the voice should go with the footage.

Well I tried to upload the edit but got a failed message instead. I think trying at uni will be better as the internet connection at home is a bit rubbish

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 21, 2011

Working with the footage

I don’t think I have been keeping up to date on the colour correction and extras that I am adding to the footage to make it look even better. The video shows the before and after shots of the flower. I was looking at other effects that were available in Premier without having to take the project into After Effects found the lighting effect, just wanted more attention to be drawn to the flower and not the space around it.

Also here are just some examples of the colour correction that I have been doing to the footage. Many of the shots were too bright ad over exposed which is  opposite to the effect that I am going for with the footage towards the end of the film. The images on the left hand side are  before colour correction, ones on the right are the after ones.

The edit that I am currently working on is around 8 mins, though I think this will need to be cut down as I don’t want it to drag on for longer than it needs to.

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 18, 2011

Current Editing

  Having spent the last two weeks editing, I have managed to cut down the length of footage from 50 mins to under 10. I Have been doing drastic editing to get rid of the footage that is not of as high quality and to a standard that I am happy with. Currently I think the edit I have works well with the music and the voice artist. I had three women take on the role of the voice over but only one of the voices really worked with the piece, the final voice that I have chosen.

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 11, 2011

Final week of filming

The past week I have been filming the final parts of my film, in Brighton. I needed to do another shoot in Brighton as the first time I went for filming the weather let me down. This time I was lucky with the weather being perfect towards the end of the week so I could complete my filming. Many of the shots I got are for towards the end of the poem,  showing many of the object to be old and rusty and empty to link to the end of the poem being about time, how time has passed Dylan Thomas too quickly before he was able to enjoy it as a child. I also wanted to get some timelapse pieces in Brighton for the start of the film, people on the beach enjoying the holiday weather to make the piece feel more alive as I have been very keen to try and avoid people in the shots.

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 10, 2011

The Music

There has been a change of plan to the music, the friend that I asked months ago to compose for my final piece has let me down. Now I am very glad that I have a back up plan for the music just in case. Throughout my editing I have been using a track by Aphex Twin, Rhubarb which I absolutely love. I had another friend in mind for the backup plan for music, again in a band but does more covers than creating own music. He has recorded for me a track that is inspired by Rhubarb to create the melody which I really like. Have included the track with my edit and am very happy with it.

Here is the track by Sam Rippin

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 10, 2011

The Voice

Here is the voice that I will use for the piece, Barbara Brann who I found for the part using I am really happy with her voice, was completely sure at first from her samples on the website but I think it fits in very nicely within the editing. I a lot happier using a professional voice actor than with who I asked before to be the voice. I think the voice needed more emotion behind it which this new recording now has.

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 6, 2011

Extra Extra

Whilst in Horsham on a day where I couldn’t make it down to Brighton I explored the town to try to get some nice time-lapse of buildings and clouds so I have a selection to pick from.

Again I had the problem with people walking in front of the camera, when setting up the shot the place was deserted! I’m not sure if I will use these as final shots but its all good development work at the moment.

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 1, 2011

Music Panic

As my friend who was happy to create the music for my film has now backed out I need to look into other sources for the music. I have approached another friend who is also in a band to see if he is willing to create the music. Just in case he isn’t available I need to find other music.

I have found an artist called Pretty Lights who has a electro,funk edge to the music, “glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples, sometimes grime.” All his music is available for free download from his website, which I take to mean that I would be allowed to use this in my piece, however something I would need to double-check with if I do decide that one of the tracks would be perfect.

Here are a couple of tracks which I think could work with the piece

Posted by: stephlwilson | April 1, 2011

Filming again

Before my week of filming in Brighton I thought I would get in some extra filming in Bournemouth.

I wanted to go for a bit more of an urban feeling and stay away from the beach for a change! I will use these shots for towards the end of the film

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